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rational use of energy With energy use an increasingly important issue these days, the skills and expertise of the institutes in the energetic and thermal fields are focused on the development of technology resulting in the rational use of energy and on implementing renewable sources of energy (wind, solar and photovoltaic).

The emphasis is on resolving energy issues in the industrial, residential and tertiary sectors. The management tools and remote management of energy consumption developed by the institutes have produced a rational use of energy and a reduction in energy consumption within the industrial infrastructure.

Within this context, consultancy services are offered in the areas of:

  • Design of energy installations
  • Compliance of technical installations
  • Resolving multiple problems related to energy loss in buildings.

Research programs related to energy issues are also conducted in the automotive field, for example : study of the impact of biofuels on engine performance, study of new eco-concept cars (Shell Eco Marathon), and study of energy savings in hybrid vehicle engines.

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