Your Technology Transfer Center

Contractor wishing to develop a new activity, or well-established company, InduTec meets your demands for any project R & D, fashion pure outsourcing or in cooperative mode.

Through the extremely broad set of high-level technical expertise offered by the departments and technical units of our University Colleges, we offer free support and customized at any stage of the project (from ideation to recovery), and at any drive level (the product to the network).

So InduTec can be considered as an external public center for R & D, with all that it entails benefits for the company: no fixed costs but only an investment in R & D in line with the project, the possibility of taking responsible for much of the R & D, not to mention the reduced risk of competition due to the special status of InduTec.

Furthermore, due to its thorough knowledge of the aid programs of the Brussels Region on subsidies for R & D and entrepreneurship, InduTec is your partner to define with you the best way of funding your development project .

Specifically, after analyzing your needs, InduTec allows you to choose the most suitable for your project and help you in drafting and submitting your application dossier to the Brussels institutions program.

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