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agro-food Food Science is a multi-disciplinary applied science. It incorporates concepts from many different fields including microbiology, chemical engineering, biochemistry etc. in order to improve, develop and communicate all knowledge regarding Food Science and Technology.

The Institut Meurice and the Arthur Haulot Institute, both part of the Lucia de Brouckère University College and both located on the CERIA/COOVI (Centre de Recherches des Industries Alimentaires et Chimiques/Centrum Voor Onderricht en Opzoekingen der Voedings en Chemische Industrieën) campus in Brussels are involved with all aspects of Food Science and Technology and are committed to transforming scientific research into innovative solutions for the food industry.

Using highly advanced laboratory equipment, the work of the food scientists at these institutes includes educational activities, consulting services and applied/fundamental research in the following areas :

  • Food chemistry - the molecular composition of food and the involvement of these molecules in chemical reactions;

  • Food microbiology - interactions between microorganisms and foods, yeast and fermentation processes;

  • Food packaging - the study of how food is packaged to preserve it after it has been processed, the interaction between packaging and food;

  • Food processing - allergens detection, qualitative analysis, product development and formulations;

  • Food safety - the causes/prevention and information with regard to foodborne illnesses and food intolerances;

  • Food quality - ageing tests; the use of natural or chemical additives;

  • Product development - the invention of new food products and new formulations; 

  • Sensory analysis - the study of how food is perceived by the senses.
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