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The Take it ISI InduTec program is exclusively for members (researchers, teachers, students) of the 3 Industrial Brussels University Colleges (ECAM, ISIB, Institut Meurice), wishing to undertake a research project (feasibility, scientific and industrial research , prototyping, validation or expertise, spin-off).

After an objective analysis of the constraints related to your project, InduTec selects the best financing options and assist you for free for the drafting and monitoring of subsidy applications to the Brussels Region.

At the "subsidies" part of the InduTec website, or on the pdf attached, we summarize all aid to R & D, available in the Brussels Region. Besides the most common scenarios, this catalog provides funding in sometimes unexpected contexts. We present you below some of them:

  • As a student-engineer you have already accumulated some skills that you want the service of a Brussels company, with the support of your institute (access to labs, tips from your professors), and possibly paid. Depending on the context, Take it ISI can help you boost the conditions of realization of your proposal as part of one of your courses (study office management courses ...), or as part of your internship or work graduation bringing your industrial developer additional funding.
  • As a researcher conducting some of your research within a Brussels company can help you achieve a doctoral thesis (Doctiris program).
  • As a teacher, Take it ISI can help you set up a research project with a Brussels company under your supervISIon, or bring you to delegate some of your tasks to devote yourself to this research.
  • Whatever your status is, you have a revolutionary idea you want to check the feasibility or to which a prototype is needed. Take it ISI can help you find your ideal partner and Brussels to multiply your capital to achieve the critical mass necessary to achieve your projects.
  • ...

... But there are other possibilities that may be closer to your particular case. Their ideal implementation can be complex for a first edition and in the absence of privileged contacts with subsidiants agencies, the Take it ISI program was created especially for you to benefit from experience in InduTec this domain. Thus, for any research proposal and its financing, please contact us. We will receive you in total privacy to consider with you the best opportunities for achievement.



On the sideline of Take it ISI program InduTec, in collaboration with the three technological research centers in high schools in Brussels (CERDECAM, and IrISIb Meurice R & D) is organizing the fifth edition of the annual contest beforbusiness® entrepreneurship.

Depending on the priorities set by the Brussels Region as a "Regional Plan for Innovation", and following a comparative study of the innovation potential of the various activities of multiple InduTec serving the Brussels Region, the 2016 edition of the contest will focus exclusively on innovative technological projects and participating groups must imperatively include a member (researcher, teacher, student) of one of our three Institutes (ECAM, ISIB, Institut Meurice)

Concretely, the winner will be the group that has best demonstrated the ability to create sustainable and profitable way a new proposal for technological market value (innovative product or service). To achieve this goal, participants will be encouraged to use the most relevant to them (technical or commercial feasibility studies, prototyping, technical and economic validation testing, market studies ...) tools, all listed in a business plan submitted late in the contest.

Among the evaluation criteria, the project implementation level plays a very important role. Economic constraints applied research that can be very different from a technological sector to another, depending on its stage of completion, the participant in the competition can choose to postpone the presentation of its business plan for the following year.

Project eligibility criteria:

  1. Without company :
    • Is a project to create innovative service or product and technological justifying the occupation of a researcher for at least one year and with substantial commercial interests leading to the creation of a new company in the Brussels region. (LAUNCH program)
    • Is a project to create innovative and technological service or product whose themes are urban development and public cleanliness, specifically applicable to the service of the Brussels region. (ANTICIPATE program)
  2. With a Brussels partner company
    • Any project to create innovative service or product and technology service company, at any stage of development.
stages et tfe

Traineeships & Final Paper Work

Through its contacts with the industrial world, InduTec sometimes receives requests for traineeships and/or final paper works.

Do not hesitate to contact us for current proposals or if you wish to propose a subject.

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