Your Technology Transfer Center

Want to achieve technological development? A prototype ?

servicesYou want to develop a product, process or service? You do not have the internal resources? Or you do not have the time to deal with "full time"?
You find a competent partner who understands what you ask him? Which will help you with the success? Which could become an ally in your development? Do not hesitate to go to the « Technological Development » tab.

Why not take advantage of the expertise of our University Colleges?

In the  « Expertises » tab you will find all the skills available to help you in your search. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Why not use the financial aids offered by the Brussels Region?

Or you do not have the financial means to develop your project?
In the « Financial aids » section, we provide you with a summary table of all the aid available and the deadlines and financing rates. InduTec proposes to accompany you during the writing of the financing package.

Teacher, investigator or student?

Looking for an internship? On the work of an internship? On the labor graduation? Desires of entrepreneuriart? InduTec also offers specific projects or programs for you. See you in the « University Colleges » tab.

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