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industrialThe institutes have expertise in a number of fields within Industrial and Material Technologies.

Industrial Process design, control and automation
Within the field of Industrial Technologies one area of focus amongst our institutes has been in the design and automation of industrial processes. Tools have been developed to optimize process automation and control. A Schneider® certified training centre (which forms part of HEPHS) can address any issues amongst industry within the field of process automation by establishing specific training and collaborative research to meet the demands of industry.

Industrial manufacturing
Expertise is provided on the analysis of industrial manufacturing from a dynamic perspective. The evaluation may include product life-cycle analysis and the quantification of material and energy flows in industrial production (the method of production and product flow management) leading to authentication of the industrial process from a dynamic perspective.

Our laboratories are equipped with design software allowing CAD and FEA and dedicated machining tools (CNC, milling, turning etc.) for the manufacturing of equipment, parts and components required for the research programs.

There is also strong expertise in the use of building materials such as wood, steel and concrete; unique expertise in Belgium in relation to the characterization and formulation of coatings; advanced knowledge in the degradation of materials (corrosion) and the handling of radioisotopes and a dedicated Physical Chemistry and Catalysis Research Unit.

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